Free Spirits Ensemble

Music of Tomorrow

Presenting Free Spirits Ensemble “Music of Tomorrow” on Saturday, March 10, 2018, 7:30 pm, at Ruggero Piano, 4720 Hargrove Rd, Ste 120, Raleigh, NC “Music of Tomorrow” features new compositions by aspiring composers as part of our DreamMakers Project. This is the fourth year of this project and it is already becoming a much sought after honor to have live performances of new works done on a professional concert series.

Other works programmed are: Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano by Richard Faith, A Golden Celebration for Violin, Cello and Piano by Adrienne Albert, and Sonata for Two Clarinets and Piano by Gary Schocker; and, of course, the premiere’s of works presently being written.

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Free Spirits Ensemble

The Free Spirits Ensemble is the modern chamber music ensemble of the Raleigh Symphony. Our mission is to present music of our time, our hemisphere, so that you may discover and share in today’s treasures.


Raleigh Symphony’s & Free Spirit Ensemble’s 2017-18 Season

It’s here! It’s now! After a wild ride in the 20th century with challenges to the basic ingredients of music, music has freed itself from the restraints of intellectual experimentation.  Today’s composers move freely among the treasures of our musical past, the engaging melodies of today’s pop, and the exciting sounds and rhythms of world music, to express their view of our world.

The Free Spirits Ensemble searches for accessible music of our time, our hemisphere to share with you.

Members: Lanette Lind – Piano/Music Director, Wayne Leechford – Saxophones, Jim Williams – Clarinet, Jean Bynam – Violin; RiShea Shlitter – Violin; Ariana Dewar – Cello  Irene Burke – Flute